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Archive page problems "HTML contains invalid characters"

Jul 15, 2007 at 5:44 PM
This is the third time I've run into this issue, so it's time to post:

Every once in a while my archive page will be unreadable - it'll show 'junk characters' instead of any actual content:

�`I�%&/m�{J�J��t��`$ؐ@�����iG#)���eVe]f@�흼��{���{��;�N'���?\fdl��J�ɞ!���?~|?"~��7N��O��? B�Ge����|)�����qY,ߦu^~�Q�^�y3���t^��}t�g��v�/��.z�,�eq�ߝ6�8{7�=��"�l��g� Ӈ�����6����~3}��b9�C�%}�-R��t�ϊ쳏�.�n��6-����q����jya�(�E~�?

If I recycle the application pool, or restart the site (in IIS), then the issue clears up. However, that's not a very good solution.

This latest case happened after I simply refreshed the page. If I try it in either FF 2 or IE 7, the problem persists.

I don't know enough about ASP.NET (read: next to nothing), but I assume that the archive page is built and, at the latest building, it was in some way corrupted. Any ideas how to force the page to refresh, without effectively slowing down the rest of my site (which is what either of the other two would do)?

The application recycles/restarts at 2 in the morning, so that doesn't seem to be the cause.

I've only noticed this issue with the Archive page - everything else loads fine. Anyone else notice anything like this? Any ideas?


My archive page:

Jul 15, 2007 at 8:20 PM
This is an ASP.NET bug in BlogEngine.NET 1.0. You can remove the bug by removing the output cache tag at the top of archive.aspx. It has been fixed for the upcoming 1.1 release