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[widget] Google Wave Widget

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Feb 24, 2010 at 4:47 AM
Edited Feb 24, 2010 at 4:52 AM

gwave widget

What you see is real. :)

A Google Wave Widget for BlogEngine.NET or .. Blogger too. Confused? Thanks to BlogEngine.NET’s Textbox and Blogger’s “Insert HTML/Java *” gadget. Because what you can do on those widgets and gadgets is, you can insert your custom HTML and Javacript.

But what about Google Wave? I made a tutorial a long time ago about Add Google Wave In Your Web/Blog Site. It’s been a popular tutorial, simple and straight forward, works every website! and even your.. ehem .. Wordpress (but I know you already have gadget for that). But what I did was an approach to make it possible for every web site!

So what did to have a Google Wave widget? Simple.

  1. Read my tutorial about Add Google Wave In Your Web/Blog Site.
  2. Add Textbox widget
  3. add the DIV with the id (like what I mentioned on my tutorial)
  4. and whala! you’re done!


Check out the preview here! (just below the About the author)

and don't forget to leave a message on wave.

If you're not registered in Google Wave, send me an email so I can invite you. I have, I think 32 invitations left.