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To the Moderator:Problem with install directions

Oct 5, 2007 at 4:02 PM

I didn't read the "docs" session of the first. Instead, I simply unzipped the files to my httpdocs. Then I brought the blog up in my browser. The directions on the initial blog page for editing the users.xml file manually is incorrect (at least is was from my end). I changed the "Admin" account to me, then I deleted the "Editor" account.

I tried logging into the blogengine using my account and it wouldn't work. So I tried logging in as both the old admin and editor accounts and they were still active. I went in to the "users" control panel and both accounts were listed, but not the one I added manually. I tried to add my account again through the GUI and the account was added. I deleted the admin account, BUT i could NOT delete the editor account. I couldn't even disable it. I gave up.

I copied the original users.xml again from the zip file over the one I edited. Then, I read the install docs on the website. I followed those instruction for creating the user and deleting the admin and editor users. Those directions are correct.

I would just suggest that you change the directions on the default blog page for creating users to match the instructions listed in the Docs section of your website. This would help people like me who don't read the install docs prior to install. :)

Otherwise, great work!