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Fresh install giving the Unicode wacky

Mar 5, 2010 at 6:47 PM

Hey all,

I'm doing a fresh install of 1.6 and when I go to the page, I get nothing but unicode wacky viewing it (see for an example).

Now I do have this up and running, and I'll admit I probably wasn't doing the optimal installation environment, but I wanted to bring it up to see if this had happened before, or if it is worth looking into at a deeper level. So here's a rundown of the layout:

I'm using GoDaddy as my host, which only has medium trust enabled.

I actually installed this instance in a subfolder of an umbraco installation. I actually haven't finished the umbraco installation, since I need to setup some manual tweaks. I'm not sure if I'm getting some cascading web.config conflicts in this regard or not.

I know the configuration is fine, because as soon as I create a fresh IIS virtual directory off the root of my hosted account and move all the files there, things fire up fine.

Anyway, I wanted to toss this out as some food for thought. I'll be happy to tweak anything to try and resolve it if I'm missing something.


[:: Sean ::]