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Upgrade to Version 1.6 (source) from 1.5 (source)

Topics: ASP.NET 2.0, Business Logic Layer, Themes
Mar 19, 2010 at 4:13 AM

I am looking to upgrade from version 1.5 (source) to version 1.6 (source). I have made many changes to BlogEngine.NET, including CSS. I have also added pages and links. On a side note, I also changed the name of BlogEngine.Web to BI-BitsWeb (BlogEngine.NET in version 1.6) as well as the solution that is now named BI-Bits.sln. However, I decided to leave the core named the same as BlogEngine.Core. I also changed my blog to use SQL Server. As it turns out,  I was just reviewing BlogEngine.NET and I have not made a single blog entry. My blog can be found at:

My goal is to upgrade to version 1.6 (source) without having to re-code all of the changes that I have made to the BI-BitsWeb, CSS, and SQL Server.

I looked at the link to upgrade to 1.6 and found a paragraph with 3 steps and a short mention of CSS changes.

I am not a veteran, and I am relatively new to .Net, so this upgrade is not easy for me and I need way more information and help than was provided at this link.

    • What steps should I take to reach my stated goal above in upgrading to 1.6 (source)?
    • How do I back-up current content? (even though I have none, I need to understand this for future upgrades)
    • Can I just replace the core and leave everything else the same?
    • Please provide as much other advice as you can, such as examples,more instructions, and videos...