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Control to integrate BE into another application

Topics: Controls
Jan 29, 2008 at 5:25 AM
On the home page, I would like to have a section that shows the recent BE posts and another section that shows the most recent comments.

Since I have setup BE in a subdirectory of the website, it is a seperate application from my home page application so I need to transmit the most recent post (say 5) and most recent comments (say 5) from the BE application to main site application. Has anyone done a control to enable this functionality that they are willing to share?

If not, I can think of a few ways to accomplish this:
1. Use RSS feed via AJAX RSS Toolkit - but I won't get the comments
2. Use Meta Weblog API - probably overkill and I still don't think I'll get the comments
3. FeedBurner Headline Animator - still won't get the comments and become a feedburner promoter
4. Write an webservice extension that send the latest blog post and comments - I'm not sure this will work or is the best path

Am I missing another options that might be easier to implement? Simple is good :=)