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can i use following structure to set up blogEngine

Topics: Business Logic Layer
May 7, 2010 at 3:33 PM

hello,  guys,

i have setup following structure

    myproject folder --> bin/ App_code [blog cs file ] / app_data[blog xml file ]/ webconfig [ blog's webconfig] / blog folder [i have keep remaining files/folder like Admin[folder]/ api/ globalresourses/ etc.]  Accordingly, i have changed path.  blog is working i am able to loging / post content/ password changes . but i have facing  some problem like --

             publicKey = Settings.GetSingleValue("PublicKey");
            privateKey = Settings.GetSingleValue("PrivateKey");

       in app_code/extentions/rechaptcha /rechaptchacontrols.cs.

    another problem is :- settings.AddValue("MaxLogEntries", 50);  rechaptch.cs.



let me know  your advice how can overcome this problem.