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Search doesn't work for some themes

Topics: Controls, Themes
May 26, 2010 at 9:20 PM

Using the PaperClip-Cactus theme, the Search button does nothing although it works fine in other themes such as Standard.

My blog address is:

the snipet of code out of the themes site.master:


                       <td><input type="text" value="" id="searchfield" name="SearchBox" class="searchBox" Button="SearchButton" onkeypress="if(event.keyCode==13) return Search('<%=Utils.RelativeWebRoot %>')" onfocus="SearchClear('')" onblur="SearchClear('')" /></td>

                       <td><span class="SearchButtonOuter"><a id="SearchButton" class="SearchButton" href="#" onclick="Search('<%=Utils.RelativeWebRoot %>');" onkeypress="Search('<%=Utils.RelativeWebRoot%>');"><%=BlogSettings.Instance.SearchButtonText %></a></span></td>


I've tried debugging in IE to see what is happening and not being an expert in javascript didn't get very far.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.