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I can't link from Post to Page

Topics: Business Logic Layer, Controls
Jul 11, 2010 at 7:24 AM

This is about to make me crazy. I moved my blog to BE 1.5 a while back and everything seemed to be working. I had one post that linked to a page with a media insert in it. I did that because I could not prevent the video from starting automatically on either a post or a page load.

I found out that post would not bring up the page with the video in it THEN found out that I didn't have a media button in tinyMCE. I figured out that everything was there and all I had to do was modify an init file and add "media" to a list, now that is working.

I'm using BE on WinXP Pro, IIS, and SQL Server Express. It appears to work well in that configuration because everything else seems to work correctly. The page I'm embedding the video in IS in the pages table in the database. When I clicked on the link in the post before I got a 404 and it was trying to go to but I don't have a direactory/folder named "post" in my BE webroot. So, I figured that BE is supposed to interpret that and get the page from the database.

So, how do I link from a post to a page when both are stored in an SQL database? Personally, I would rather the post or page just store the path and filename (also) of the media file since I have to have the media in a file anyway, then pass the path and filename to the media player plugin.

Thanks in advance for your help, and many thanks for developing BlogEngine. You've done a great job when a sometimes programmer like I can tweak it to add a button onto a toolbar as easily as I did.