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HTML5 support - What plans are there?

Jul 22, 2010 at 9:08 PM

Given the arguments in that post; I'd quite like to start working with html5 and a blog (my BEN blog) seems the ideal candidate for such experimentation. However I know that if I start changing the mark-up in core files that when I want to upgrade to a newer version I'm going to have a nasty time of it. Yes I know I could merge my changes back into the new versions but it really isn't fun, on my site I've already deviated from the standard with my contact form (because I don't like the mark-up that comes with it) and every time I upgrade I have to tip-toe around that file.

So are there any plans to create an html5 version / would there be much change required to the dll's or could it all be done through the aspx files? If so I might have a go and try to submit it back.