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How to Update BE.Net For Blogs Installed Via MS Webapp Gallery?

Sep 3, 2010 at 9:43 AM

I have BE.Net 1.6 installed for 5 customers who installed it via the MS Webapps Gallery. The only version on there is 1.6 and I want to update them to the 1.61 with pingback spam protection etc as it's causing major issues and I don't want to have to switch to another blog engine. I have some programmer knowledge and was wondering if there was a tutorial or if someone could tell me how to update the blogs manually? I have admin access on the server. Thanks for any help!

Also, if anyone could update the version on MS Webapps Gallery, I'm sure everyone would be thankful!

Sep 3, 2010 at 12:07 PM

If you have Visual Studio, it should actually be an easy upgrade.  The 1.6.1 source code is here.  There's a download link on that page.

If you download it and open up the Solution file (SLN) in Visual Studio, the only thing required is to "Build" the BlogEngine.Core project.  Before building, I would recommend changing the "build configuration" dropdown list at the top so it is set for "Release" instead of "Debug".  Once built, you'll have a new BlogEngine.Core.dll file in the BIN directory.

In the files you downloaded, there will be a folder named "BlogEngine.NET" (under the BlogEngine folder).  The DLL you just compiled should be in the BIN directory under BlogEngine.NET.

To update the existing BE 1.6 website(s), you just overwrite ALL the files on the remote site with the files in the BlogEngine.NET folder.  The two items you DON'T want to overwrite are:

  • The entire App_Data folder.  This contains all the data for the blog -- theme, Posts, Pages, etc.
  • web.config file in the root folder

I would first try this out on one of the 5 customer sites.  And make a backup first ... so if anything goes wrong, you can always restore.

It would be nice if we did get the version on the Web App Gallery updated.  BE 1.6.1 wasn't really an official release, just a service pack, so that's why it isn't updated.  But the next major version will definitely make it into the Web App Gallery.

Sep 5, 2010 at 2:01 AM

Thanks for the info Ben! Does that source you pointed to have the update for the ping back spam included?

Sep 5, 2010 at 4:04 AM

It doesn't appear the version I pointed you to, or even the latest build has the pingback spam check in it.

The code needed to prevent pingback spam is in the 2nd comment in this post.  If you download the 1.6.1 source code, you would want to make the modification noted in the 2nd comment.

Or, you can see at the bottom of that post, there is a download link for 1.6.1.  This ZIP file contains the BE 1.6.1 BlogEngine.Core.dll file WITH the pingback spam code in it.  If you went this route, then you could download that BE 1.6.1 update, get the DLL from the ZIP file in that post, put the DLL into the BIN directory, and you wouldn't need to open up BE 1.6.1 in Visual Studio and compile it -- since the DLL is already the compiled version of BE 1.6.1 with the pingback spam update in it.  If you go with this approach, you still need to copy/overwrite all the files that I mentioned in my last message.  You would be just knocking out the compilation step.