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Serious problem with multiple domains

Feb 22, 2008 at 9:16 PM
Hi there,

I love the BlogEngine.NET but i struggle with a serious problem currently ... my self-written RSS reader for WinMobile Smartphones always downloaded duplicate posts (or often three posts of the same kind). As this problem only occured with my own blog, i started investigating and found out that the BlogEngine.NET mixes up the IDs of the posts with the different domain names i use for my website and also with the IP adress (!) under which my blog is reachable. So the syndication.axd can return up to 3 different Feeds with 3 different "prefixes" to the GUID of a post.

Now, I CAN park my 2nd domain somewhere else as it is just unused. But I can't do anything about the IP. I don't know how this happens but I know this is not a problem of the RSS reader (as i wrote the software for myself and i ABSOLUTELY know that the software ONLY knows about my main domain name and therefore always connects to the blog over this one).

The Domains affected are (currently the IP is used for the feed IDs):
IP - http://195.149.74.x/ (mad an x to prevent search engines index my page over the IP replace it by 187 for tests)
Main Domain -
2nd Domain -

But the problem goes further:

In the Extensions Settings of my blog I added an extension ('s download counter) . Everything looks fine but the Edit-link for this extension uses the IP as the domain adress. All other edit/status/source links use the main domain name. Problem: if i click the Edit link of this extension i become logged out as the auth cookie only is valid for the domain name i used for log in.

Seems like a weird bug or oversight (BE.NET really should always use the domain over which the client arrived for links and IDs). Anyway, this causes serious problems. Does anyone have an idea how I can work around this? If I configure the host headers in IIS for I think this will fix the problem with my 2nd domain. But I can't point the IP elsewhere.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!