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PingServices - help

Topics: ASP.NET 2.0, Business Logic Layer
Oct 11, 2010 at 12:18 PM

Hi I was wandering if anyone knows how I can test the PingServices from my blog.

I don't think they are working.

This is what I've done so far.

I have followed instructions for testing within using sendping.cs I found on this discussion:

This returns the following when i make a post.

11/10/2010 11:59:24 - MSG = Determine if Ping stuff should be done.
11/10/2010 11:59:24 - MSG = Before calling Ping
11/10/2010 11:59:24 - MSG = Before PingService.Send()
11/10/2010 11:59:25 - MSG = Is pingback/trackback enabled?
11/10/2010 11:59:25 - MSG = Check for link
11/10/2010 11:59:25 - MSG = No link found.
11/10/2010 11:59:25 - MSG = After calling Ping

Also I suspect PingBack and Trackback have problems to. Although I cannot confirm this.

Any assistance with this would be appreciated.



Oct 12, 2010 at 9:33 AM

I think those log messages are intended to check if Pingbacks and Trackbacks are working -- not the ping services.

If you have a link in the Post you are creating, this process looks for URLs in your post, and tries to send Pingbacks and/or Trackbacks to those URLs.

The ping services are much simpler than Pingbacks & Trackbacks, because all it does is send an HTTP request/ping to each of the URLs.  The code doesn't even process the response from the ping service, since there's no action that needs to be taken based on the response.

The ping services code is in the BE core, Ping\PingService.cs file.  You could add logging statements in there, and then re-compile (or run in VS) to see what's going on.  Or you could copy over some of that code into the SendPings.cs extension, add logging, and call that code instead of letting it call the normal PingService.Send().

My guess is that the Ping Services are working, but I don't think there is necessarily much you can expect from the services once they are alerted of a new post you created.  Actually, I'm not familiar with what the ping services normally do in response to a ping they receive.  They probably get pinged a lot from lots of sources, so have some system in place to deal will all those incoming pings.

Oct 12, 2010 at 10:04 AM

Hello and thanks for the response.

I did realise later after my original post that the code I implemented was only for "pingbacks" and "trackbacks".

What was is interesting is that both of these features were not functioning until sendping.cs was modified to include the logging of such events. With the original sendping.cs I wasn't receiving pingbacks or trackbacks.

Now they are fully functioning.

I'm not sure if the pingservices is working. This site allows you to add them into the ping services list and then you can see if the ping was received. It my case it never was and they also have have trackback checking facility which did not work until sendping.cs was modified for logging.

I will look into your advice.