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RSS feed

Oct 29, 2010 at 7:43 PM

This one has me a little puzzled. I just spent a good while creating a Squidoo page and It had the option to put in a RSS feed from my blog. So I set it up and the page is pulling the title of the blog posts and the first 100 characters but when I try to click the link (the title) it gives me the ASP server error page. Oddly if I look at the feed from I.E using the RSS link in the tool bar it pulls the page just fine. The Squidoo page is trying to pull each blog post as an individual iink. But like I said, it is in fact pulling the title and the first 100 characters from the blog. It seems to be the links back to the blog its self that crash.


Anyone have any thoughts on this. You think it's Squidoo that is throwing the error. The URL in the browser is showing my web site.