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Some pb to fix in Utils.AddFolderJavaScripts in order to move BloEngine in a subfolder under another portal

Topics: Business Logic Layer, Controls, Themes
Nov 3, 2010 at 11:17 AM


I need to use BlogEngine under Addon Nice Server, which is a .net framework built as a webApp and similar in concept to dotnetnuke or mono: its own ul rewritter, membership, role and profile providers.

In order to do this I copied BlogEngine under a BlogEngine.NET folder in the site, then moved the App_Code and App_GlobalResources in the site root, mixed the 2 web.config, keeping the original providers.

I also set the AppSeting value:

<add key="BlogEngine.VirtualPath" value="~/BlogEngine.NET/" />

And I tryed to run the site with http://MySite:myport/

it then appear that I have to move some folders under the root





Then I get an error with scripts and themes,  I see that moving the folder was not the solution, it appears that fo the Scripts and themes folders the RelativeWebRoot was not used as fo other folders and I need to change the calls to AddFolderJavaScripts

from a simple  Utils.AddFolderJavaScripts(param1, "Scripts", flag);
to Utils.AddFolderJavaScripts(param1, string.Format("{0}Scripts", Utils.RelativeWebRoot), flag);                

and from  Utils.AddFolderJavaScripts(this, string.Format("themes/{0}", this.theme), true);
Utils.AddFolderJavaScripts(this, string.Format("{0}themes/{1}", Utils.RelativeWebRoot, this.theme), true);

These changes occur in BlogBasePage, admin.master, admin1.master and account.master.

I also have to change the RewriteDefault method in ulrewritter to add a test avoiding inappropriate rewriting

                if ( Utils.IsMono ) // Test added, this break Addon Nice url rewitter
                    context.RewritePath(url.Replace("Default.aspx", "default.aspx")); // fixes a casing oddity on Mono

As these changes has no effect on the normal code I would appreciate that these correction be applyed in the next version.


Thank you for a feedback on this