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WidGets in BlogEngine

Topics: Controls, Themes
Mar 4, 2008 at 7:41 PM
WidGets proves to be an excellent addition to the engine blog, however BlogEngine not have all so I complete the missing (at least for the core functions); also some themes need to be updated so i do that too.

Those who are interested can download the files at

Updated themes are: Cogitation, Indigo, Leaves, terrafirma and TheGreenHouse

New widgets are: AuthorList, CategoryList, MonthList, PageList, RecentComments, RecentPosts, TextBoxAU

TextBoxAU is interesting, it is a copy of TextBox only shown for authenticated users (administrators and editors). This facilitates an element on which you can put links to other tools, for example your hosting webmail page.

You should copy the files into the appropriate directory (themes changed in ~/themes, and new widgets in ~/widgets), then generate the site and upload to your hosting. When entering as administrators, you may incorporate the widgets you want.

  1. The widgets are very simple, but we need if we want the engine of blog entirely with widgets.
  2. Corrections to themes need a revision of the CSS, in the previous version for example in TagCloud was used identifier elements and in the widgets we use class, this is an unnecessary redundancy in the stylesheet. It is a task to be done.
I hope you use this.