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Add from existing tags problem in IE7

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Feb 4, 2011 at 10:49 AM

Hi All,

Sorry if this is old news,  I have been searching here and cant find anything related to this.   I have installed BlogEngine.NET 2.0 for a client as an internal system and their corporate desktop still runs IE7.  Almost everything works except when they try to add tags from existing, the window containing the existing tags appears along with the scrollbar but the styling is messed up within the frame and the scrollbar (although you can move it) does not scroll the contents within.   Im sure this is just a CSS thing as IE7 has a few "quirks" in this department.  It seems to work fine in IE8 when tested but they are not going to roll this out for a little while yet.

Has anyone seen this before and ideally have a fix for it?   Im happy to dig into code or CSS to fix this for them, just need pointing in the right direction of where the control/styles are.