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Migrate my own custom website to

Jun 7, 2011 at 11:55 PM


I have developed for some time my own website with SQL SERVER and now I am willing to convert it to blogengine. the problem is that I didnt use BLOGML standard and I need some extra data to save in database.

the website is a movie website, and I need to save the year of the movie, the IMDB code and some other data wi\hich is not in the BE_POST table.

here is the original BE_POST (PostID ,[Title] ,[Description],[PostContent],[DateCreated],[DateModified][Author][IsPublished],[IsCommentEnabled],[Raters],[Rating],[Slug][IsDeleted])

and here is my own custom table: ARTICLES ([ArticleID],[AddedDate],[AddedBy],[CategoryID],[Title],[Abstract],[Body],[Country],[State],[City],[ImageURL],[ReleaseDate],[ExpireDate],[Approved],[special],[Listed],[CommentsEnabled],[OnlyForMembers],[ViewCount],[Votes],[TotalRating],[unique_key],[imdb_key],[Title_English],[ArticleType],[year] )

My question is, how can I convert into blogengine without loosing data. does blogengine supports custom fields?