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customize a website w/ components from blogengine?

Apr 18, 2008 at 12:22 AM
What I'm trying to do may be covered in the wiki that's down, but for the time being, thought I'd ask a quick question here and see how possible (translation easy) this would be.

I basically want to add some basic blog capability to my website, but not the full website that's created by the blogengine site that I've setup. What I'd like to incorporate is (on a single page of my website) the default homepage of a blogengine site, w/ a few of the other custom controls along a right-hand content area (blogroll, tags, categories, admin. Basically, the equivalent of the middle and right content areas of the Leaves theme w/o the lefthand navigation and disclaimer. I really don't want to have the other pages for contact, feed, etc...maybe the archive).

I've been poking thru the pages and code behinds and my initial thought is that this may be pretty involved to pull off?

Am I basically going to end up having to learn the object model underneath blogengine and rolling it myself?


Apr 21, 2008 at 7:52 PM
Change the master page Reference in your ~/themes/<theme name>/PostView.ascx and ~/themes/<theme name>/CommentView.ascx (and other relative files like ~/Default.aspx) to the master page in your website, that should be all that you have to do.