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Diffrent comment styles for some roles

Topics: Controls, Themes
Jun 29, 2011 at 7:52 AM

First of all, thanks for you cool engine, you have done really hard work with a great result, so thank you for it ;)

In my blog I try to modify comments system in two aspects:

1. The first target is to make post comments posted by  users with diffrent roles look diffrent for some of the roles (for example admin role)

2. In my blog only registered users can write comments to the posts. Because of this  I want to modify comment form and remove all fields except comment-text field, that means, comment will be post from the logged in user.

I am pretty new in ASP.NET, so some parts of this  tasks looks hard for me :/

Can someone give me advice how can i  reach this target, or at least where should I start?

Thank you in advance.