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Strange Admin Behavior - No HTML control or Post Additions

Topics: Business Logic Layer
Aug 30, 2011 at 8:56 PM

After installing and having every "look" good, entering into the admin area has some issues. 

There were no error pages that occur, however when I first attempted to change the blog name the settings would not save, the green"Save Settings" bar did not appear. 

There are also other oddities, blogs, and posts do not appear, the HTMl style colrols do not appear, nor do comments.

Controls "appears" to be working however I am unable to add a new blog.

I am hosting with ServerIntellect and BE is sitting in a sub-domain of AspDotNetStoreFront (although I don't believe this would be an issue) and they have changed the App_Data permissions to "write", I have alos attempted to re-upload the web.config file and added .cshtml mime type.

BE Version

Any help would be appreciated.