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Image not shown when using different "Domain"

May 9, 2008 at 12:16 PM
I am just testing BlogEngine.Net to see if I can use it as blogging platform.

I managed to compile the code using Visual Studio 2008 using .NET version 2.0 as target. Everything seems to work fine.

First I used the web server included with Visual Studio. I created an article with an image. OK.

Then I made the web project directory a virtual directory in IIS and tested from another computer. Everything works fine, except that the image is not displayed.

Viewing the properties of the image shows the following urls:

VS web server : http://localhost:4266/BlogEngine.Web/image.axd?picture=DSCN0127.JPG

Using IIS from remote computer: http://mobil-nr/BlogEngine.Web/image.axd?picture=DSCN0127.JPG

The remote computer (MOBIL-NR) only shows an empty frame where the image should be displayed.

Can anybody help?

Norbert Ruessmann