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Using one App_Data across multiple BlogEngine instances

May 13, 2008 at 7:02 AM
I am playing with the setup where two instances of BlogEngine share the same App_Data (ie. I would like to have a centralized data repository for 2 servers.)  I have done the followings:

1) Both worker processes have the write permission on App_Data.
2) Using mklink, I've created a symbolic link so that the first instance of BlogEngine is usnig the App_Data of the second instance.

While this setup seems to work for most part (ie. I have verified that I can read and write to App_Data from both instances of BlogEngine), the problem that I have is that unless the worker process (or perhaps just the appdomain) is recycled, one instance can not see the changes made by the second instance.  As an example, if I use the first instance to write a new post, I can see the post immeidately on the first instance.  I can see that the post has been written successfully in App_Data.  However, when I go to the second instance to see the new post (that I just added using the first instance), I can't see the post, despite the fact that the post XML exists in App_Data.  I can see the post only if I recycle the worker process of the second instance.

I am guessing that it's either caching the content and/or there is a change notification that allows the application to scan the App_Data.   Does anyone know how I can work around this?  How can I let the second instance read the data from App_Data when the changes are made by the first instance?