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Nov 26, 2011 at 2:49 PM


This one for Rtur

I notice this in the source code:

by rtur
Nov 19 at
11:05 PM
26 - Refactoring in the tests (page templates added)


Just curious what the templates are going to be used for?


BlogEngine/BlogEngine.Tests/PageTemplates/Account/Login.cs (view diff)
add BlogEngine/BlogEngine.Tests/PageTemplates/Admin/EditPage.cs (view diff)
add BlogEngine/BlogEngine.Tests/PageTemplates/Admin/EditPost.cs (view diff)
add BlogEngine/BlogEngine.Tests/PageTemplates/Admin/ExtensionsGallery.cs (view diff)
add BlogEngine/BlogEngine.Tests/PageTemplates/Admin/ExtensionsLocal.cs (view diff)
add BlogEngine/BlogEngine.Tests/PageTemplates/Admin/PostList.cs (view diff)
add BlogEngine/BlogEngine.Tests/PageTemplates/Admin/ThemesGallery.cs (view diff)
add BlogEngine/BlogEngine.Tests/PageTemplates/Admin/ThemesLocal.cs (view diff)
add BlogEngine/BlogEngine.Tests/PageTemplates/Admin/Trash.cs (view diff)


Nov 26, 2011 at 4:19 PM

Just an abstraction between UI and test. So instead of going directly against UI:


you can do template that encapsulates page elements and in test you use something like:

This is not only cleaner but also, if UI changes and you have this button in dozen tests, you'd only have to update a template.