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Creating your own data access methods for your own objects

Topics: Business Logic Layer
Aug 23, 2008 at 10:09 PM
First off, BE.NET is awesome.. hats off to all who work on it, you guys are doing a fantastic job.

What I'm doing w/this framework is creating a website for a team I'm on. I need to create several additional objects to be stored in the database, and I've significantly modified the core to do this.  What I've done is basically mimic the way other objects get their data from the database and created my own Select/Insert/Update/Delete methods in the respective locations (DbBlogProvider, BlogProvider, my object, BlogService).  To me it seems like a really roundabout way to get data, but whatever, I went with it for the learning process.  After about a week or so of coding, I finally finished all the methods, compiled, and went to fire it up to see if it worked, and of course it did not.

So now I am stuck in a hard spot, because I put a lot of work into this and have nothing to show for it (plus I'm definitely not getting a dime for it).  What am I missing?  I guess I direct this question at the guys who built this thing:  if you had to add another object to the project, what steps would you take to add it to the core, including its data access methods?

Thanks to any and all who help me!