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Javascript errors on IIS 7 under classic mode

Oct 13, 2008 at 5:38 AM
I've read through the posts regarding the problems with getting BlogEngine to work with Integrated mode under IIS7 but at this stage I would happy if I could just get it to work.

My provider allows me the option to switch my application pool between integrated and classic mode and I've verified that the app pool is in fact switching. After trying to get things running under integrated I switched my application pool to classic, deleted everything and re-uploaded a blank installation of BlogEngine. I've applied the write permissions to the application pool identity to be able to write to the app data folder and I can login as admin, create users, create posts and generally everything is functional except for the widget bar down the right hand side.

Whenever I attempt to add another component, or even close an existing one I'm greeted by the javascript:void(0) as the path. I can follow the aspx links that are already there, but beyond that nothing else works.

Given that I don't have access to the server/IIS and only have a control panel to interface with my site, is there anything else I should be looking for or doing to get things running? At this stage I'm not so sure that my grandma could set it up.