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Can this be used to create replicated Web Sites?

Topics: ASP.NET 2.0
Nov 17, 2008 at 3:21 PM

Hello BlogEngine.NET Gurus,

I have an interesting question to stimulate your mind this morning.

I am looking for a solution to creating an replicating Web Site.  By replicating, let me explain my exact issue.

My mother and aunt have recently started a wedding cake and sweets business (good stuff!).  They want to sell online for stock items (non-custom made stuff) like cookie packages, sweets, etc. 

They also want a referral program and the solution I mentioned was replicating Web Site.

I'd like to set up a referral (affiliates page) where they sign up and have their own site.  It'll be the same as everyone else, but it'll store the sales under their id so they can be compensated.

The work flow would be, for example, John Doe coming in, he registers on the "Join Our Sweet Shop Community" and have a Web Site created for him instantly behind the scenes.

I would like his site to be either:


Can someone please tell me how to do this programmitcally in C# and ASP.NET? 

Is this possible with BlogEngine.NET.  Someone told me it was.

Thanks in advance!