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Trackback testing with BE

Topics: Business Logic Layer
Nov 25, 2008 at 11:01 PM
I just spent the afternoon doing some trackback testing between BE and various blog providers.  Here are my test results with embedded questions:

BE to BE - obviously this works
BE to WordPress - Wordpress receives a pingback but ends up in Akismet Spam folder.  You have to publish the spam on WP for it to be displayed as a comment.  Anybody know why this is?
WordPress to BE - pingback received ok by BE.
BE to TypePad - TypePad receives a trackback and classifies it as spam.  You have to publish from the trackback spam folder for it to be displayed as a trackback.
TypePad to BE - TypePad only seems to work using manual trackbacks.  Is there a URL that can be entered on the TypePad side for this to work?
BE to Blogger - Blogger relies on Blog Search so possibly after some time it would show up in Blogger as a backlink.  I didn't wait to find out.
Blogger to BE - nada.

Any suggestions as to how to make trackbacks work without becoming spam and also how to get the TypePad to BE working?

I support my wife's blog using BlogEngine.NET and most of the blogs that she would like trackbacks working for are either TypePad or WordPress.