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CS1010: Newline in constant

Topics: ASP.NET 2.0
Nov 27, 2008 at 2:44 PM
I have problems getting BlogEngine.NET to start on a hosted server. The exact distribution works fine if i try setting it up on a local machine.

Whenever I browse to the uploaded BE (version 1.4.5) it fails with the following error;

Compiler Error Message: CS1010: Newline in constant
Line 140:            }
Line 141:          }
Line 142: commentBody += comment.Content.Length <= 50 ? " " : "… ";
Line 143: LiteralControl body = new LiteralControl(commentBody);
Line 144: li.Controls.Add(body);
Source File: d:\wwwroot\blog\emil\App_Code\Controls\RecentComments.cs    Line: 142 

Notice that I have created an application under the parent application (wwwroot). Then there is a subdirectory blog and under that the application emil is created. i have given full permission on all files/folders in App_Data directory aswell but something tells me it must be a configuration / permission problem. I made about the same configuration in IIS locally on my machine (e g http://localhost/ and then created a directory blog and then emil and made emil an application) and got it all to work). But a bit harder to find out the problem when it is executed in a hosted environment.

Has anyone a clue on how to solve this error?

Hans Rasmussen