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Differences from and 1.4.5 and a question about multiple blogs

Nov 28, 2008 at 5:23 PM
I couldn't find a History page that would detail the differences between versions and the newest one. Can anyone list them, please?

Also, I'm having a little (huge) problem with the blogs I've installed on my server. I have 4 different blogs (with different writers) and the problem is: when I'm logged into one of them, I can also access the administrative panel of all the others. That's a problem because it would allow different users from different blogs changing things on the blogs they shouldn't have permission to do so.

Yes, I've deleted the Admin user. But the problem persists.

Nov 28, 2008 at 7:07 PM
In the web.config file for each blog installation, change the "name" attribute of the forms authentication element to something different for each blog installation.  The default name is .AUXBLOGENGINE.  You can change it to .AUXBLOGENGINE_USER1 for user1, to .AUXBLOGENGINE_USER2 for user2 and so on.

You can also optionally change the .BLOGENGINEROLES cookieName attribute of the roleManager element to a unique name to (e.g. .BLOGENGINEROLES_USER1).

This is not necessary, but you can also set the "path" attribute of the forms authentication element and the "cookiePath" attribute of the roleManager element to the path the blog installation is in.  Example:  "/user1", "/user2".  Doing this would make user2's cookies only available to the user2 subdirectory, etc.  But this is not really necessary since just having unique cookie names should be sufficient.