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Topics: ASP.NET 2.0, Controls, Themes
Dec 5, 2008 at 1:56 AM

Hi guys;

I have a blog at and am in the process of moving to self-hosting. I thought going from WP to WP would be simple, but it hasn't been. I'm with Go Daddy and they've been helpful, but WP just isn't working.  I'm looking at plan 'B' and I have a few questions before I get started.

1) How difficult is it going to be to move my WP blog content (aprox 300 posts) to (I'm a bear of very little brain)
2) My blog has 'adult' content...stories for grown-ups and pictures of naughty bits. Is this an issue?
3) I want to have some advertising and affiliates on my blog. Is this an issue?

Thank you for your time,