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BlogEngine Extention: Custom SiteMap URLs

Topics: Business Logic Layer
Dec 29, 2008 at 9:52 PM
For anyone interested, I've created an extension that replaces the current sitemap.cs in Not that the original wasn't good, it's just that I had other pages that I wanted included in the site map and didn't like modifying sitemap.cs each time. So this extension adds an entry in the extension manager to add URLs that will be written in the output.

Unfortunately, since this is seperate code it won't be updated unless I do it and if there are changes on how BE does it, mine will become out of sync. So I was wondering if it was possible for the devs to make the SiteMap class extensible so that instead of replacing it, it could instead be extended? It's not that big a deal as I'm sure nost people probably won't need to add URLs to the sitemap.