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Hello opensource world

Jan 17, 2009 at 9:31 PM
Hello World

I downloaded and installed BlogEngine on two newly created sites. A very, very nice platform.

I had to update the BreakPost extension (in order to close tags that where opened in the post) and I created a brand new extension in order to count unique visitors and the number of posts read (as in Can be seen on
And I plan many other improvements in order to satisfy user.

My question is : I'm a newbie in opensource as a general term, in blogengine in particular, and I'd like to share my code. Where ? How ? Is there a repository ? Do I have to normalize something ?

Some other question : my CountVisitors extension could have a great number of improvements I cannot develop because lack of time. Is there a way of sending ideas for other developers to write it if they think it is interesting ?

Jan 17, 2009 at 10:20 PM
Welcome.  From what I've seen, people that create their own BE extensions/widgets/add-ons will usually put them on their own website, maybe with a blog post describing what the extension does and how it works.  You could then post a link to your site's blog post/download here in the Discussions area.

Also, on the Source Code tab above, there's an 'Upload Patch' link where you can upload files.  I don't think people use that much for uploading their own extensions.  It's more for uploading patches for the main files that are included in the BE download.  Although, if there's problems with the existing BE code, I've found it's better to create an issue in the Issue Tracker (if one isn't already created) and you can upload patches/fixes there.  The Issue Tracker seems better for this since other people can comment and vote on the issue which you can't do in the Patches section.

Regarding the unclosed tags in the BreakPost extension, changeset 24100 (available on the Source Code tab above) included changes to fix that problem.

For your CountVisitors extension, you could get others involved in developing it by asking for volunteers here and/or putting the extension on your website/blog for people to download and work on.  Contributors can probably use the comments section of your blog to report any updates they've made to the extension.  You might even be able to create a project for your extension(s) here at CodePlex or at another community source code hosting location like Sourceforge or Google Code.
Jan 20, 2009 at 11:34 AM
Thanks a lot for these accurate answers. I'll publish my code. However, my blog is a far different concern, and I'm not sure such technical topics should appear there.
Because it seems that 1 BlogEngine can serve only 1 blog, I'll think about all this. Thanks