Install Theme From Gallery Deletes Other Themes!?!?

Topics: Controls, Themes
Jul 9, 2013 at 4:44 PM
Whenever I install a theme from the gallery, it breaks any other installed theme.

For example, I installed both Singularity and DarkBlog, whichever one I download LAST is the only one that works, the other gives the "The file '/themes/DarkBlog/site.master' does not exist. " error.

I have to delete/install the theme I want to see. :(

I've examined the folder stucture before and after each install and it appears that each install of a new theme is actually deleting ANY non-included theme (leaving Standard, Titanium, etc). My mobile theme (JQuery-Mobile) was removed after installing DarkBlog, as was the folder for Singularity.

I don't think I'd care quite so much, except that this is a) totally unacceptable and b) it leaves the now-deleted theme as an available option in the Customize tab of the dashboard (and of course it leaves the setting for the selected theme alone, which is fine, except that the theme no longer exists!)

I noticed this same behavior with widgets when I was setting things up. Every time I installed a new widget, I'd have to re-install the Recent Tweet widget to get it to work (and it was the only one that would actually work).

I'm still feeling my way around 2.8, after doing a somewhat sketchy upgrade from 1.6 to 2.8 (basically, ran the db upgrade scripts, deleted all the source from the site and did a clean install on the server of 2.8).

Has anyone else noticed any issues like this?