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Sharing Authentication Cookies - 2.8

Dec 8, 2013 at 6:13 AM
I run BE as a sub-application under a main site and along-side a forum. Back in 2.6 I could not get BE to recognize authentication cookies generated by the parent application which really created problems for me.

Is this something that is supposed to work again in 2.8? I found this post which hints that you should add a key to the web.config to make this possible.

So I added this key to my BE web.config:

<add key="BlogEngine.SingleSignOn" value="true"/>

Unfortunately, this had zero effect and BE still won't recognize users who have already been authenticated through my parent application (or the forum).

Has anyone else had success with this approach? If not, is there ANY way to work-around this issue so that I can have true, single sign-on?