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Widget Provider Architecture

Topics: Business Logic Layer, Controls
Mar 19, 2009 at 9:54 AM
Hello everybody,

Currently I am constantly experimenting with BlogEngine.NET and more particularly, its source code. My question is mostly to the developers of the product.

As I understand, the Widget infrastructure uses the same Provider that is configured for the whole Blog. For example, if the Blog is configured to use the XML provider (which true by default) the WidgetSettings will also be queried from/saved to an XML file. Do you think its right? While experimenting locally, I've been developing an alternative mechanism that uses a separate Provider hierarchy. Actually, I'm trying to completely rework the Widget-related part, but as for now the question is: what are the benefits of sharing a Provider between multiple parts of the system? I thought, a Blog Provider is only relevant for something which is really Content (posts, comments, etc.).

Anyone has anything to say?
Thanks in advance