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Pagination - Categories and Tags under content area

Topics: Business Logic Layer, Controls
Jan 25, 2014 at 3:48 AM
Pagination for categories isn't working for me. I wanted to add most of my categories first, before I started adding posts. So let's say I had around 15 categories to add. I noticed once I reach 10 and keep adding, I can't see 11 - 15 in the grid. The pagination buttons at the bottom are never enabled (on hover it has the red circle with the line through it). Recycling the app pool didn't help. But I do see the data I added in SQL (all 15). I'm using the standard theme at the moment.

I debug and notice in the CategoriesController, the Get action method has a "take" value of 10. So it's just going to get the first 10. Which would be great if the pagination buttons were enabled and I could get to the other 5 (I'm assuming if so that would make use of the "skip" parameter?) If I modify the code so that the default for the "take" parameter is zero then I can see all my categories, but that defeats pagination.

Is this area broken or maybe there's some setting I've overlooked?

FYI: To compare, I did a test with Tags and added about 22 from a post then went to the content area to see how many I could see. I noticed in the TagsController that the "take" parameter gets a value of zero (even though the default is 10). However, the page displays the first 20 in the grid and does give me enabled pagination buttons to get to the remaining two.

Jan 25, 2014 at 4:15 AM
In the /admin/controllers/categories.js, change


dataService.getItems('/api/categories', { take: 0, skip: 0 })

This is obviously a bug and will be fixed in the code also.