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filenames with spaces upload, but don't render

Topics: Controls
Feb 4, 2014 at 9:43 PM
BE 2.9.1

I can upload an image that has spaces in the filename, but they do not render through the rewriting process.

If I upload: "Exploding red giant.jpg"

The source in the post becomes:
<img src="/blog/FILES%2f2014%2f02%2fExploding+red+giant.jpg.axdx">

The file is uploaded (confirmed).

The image does not render.

Adding dashes to the same filename prior to upload solves the problem.

Even though I prefer no spaces in filenames, my users may not agree and this functionality should work right out of the box for them.

I may try to modify UploadController.cs to replaces spaces with dashes for the time being, until the rewrite is fixed (or until I am pointed to another solution).