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Saved extension settings being lost for sub blogs

Apr 1, 2014 at 10:21 AM
There have been a few posts on this forum about extensions (inc. recaptcha and socialpublish) seeming to work then stopping after a while. if you check their setting (especially on sub blogs) they seem to have disappeared. This is an issue we have seen.

I have been looking at the DB on our system (using SQL 2012 as the data store) and wondered if I have spotted the issue. If I check [be_DataStoreSettings] for a specific extension on a blog I see that there are multiple<settings> XML blocks in the [Settings] column. Only the last blog contains the correct values.

Is it possible the reason the extensions work for a while is that the values are entered and used, and saved to the end of the XML block. However after a IIReset/reboot/cache expiry when they are reloaded the first set of values (the empty ones) are loaded not the last set with the correct values?