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Page not found after post

May 6, 2009 at 5:24 PM
I have installed and configured BlogEngine.Net, when i create a new post or trying to reach a post from the list a got an error that the .html in the post does not exist.
The same exist with the first installed page (Welcome to 1.5.0)
The post directory does not exist in my site and if i create it nothing is creating inside it.

Thanks for any idea.
May 6, 2009 at 9:20 PM
Is your blog running on IIS6 or IIS7?

The URLs for posts are 'virtual URLs' and should have an ASPX extension -- not an HTML extension.  BlogEngine (BE) is designed to receive requests for those URLs and display the post content.  By the way, can you view the RSS feed for your blog?

If you're on IIS6, there's a setting within IIS that requires a physical file to exist for the URL being requested.  You would want to turn this option off so virtual URLs can work.

In IIS6, if you right-click on your web application (or web site), select Properties, on the Home Directory (or Virtual Directory) tab, there's a "Configuration..." button.  Clicking that will bring up a list of Application extension mappings.  It has extensions like .html, .ascx, .aspx, axd, .shtml, etc.  For the .AXD and .ASPX extensions, if you highlight them one at a time, and click the Edit button, there's a checkbox on the window that comes up lableled "Verify that file exists".  Make sure that is unchecked for the .ASPX and .AXD extensions.

If you're on IIS7, there's a similar setting in IIS.  The web.config file that comes with BE already includes some settings so IIS7 should not require a file to physically exist.  If you're on IIS7 and getting errors about the pages not being found, are you using the web.config file that came with BE?