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Using OpenSearch to integrate search results into website

Topics: Business Logic Layer
May 8, 2009 at 4:46 PM


We have our main site in the root, and a installation in a sub folder /Blog.

I am re-writing our search engine on our site so that it incorporates blog articles.  I realised I could hook into the OpenSearch support of  My search engine routine gets the OpenSearch Rss using a Linq XDocument and does the necessary paging of results.  However, I realised I only get 10 results!

This returns around 50 results:

This returns 10:

I realise that this is probably the feed setting for  This record count seems fine for most subscribed feeds (just getting the latest 10), but is not ideal for my search.

Anyone got any tips how I can use BE.Net's OpenSearch support to pull in posts?