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New textbox widget

Topics: ASP.NET 2.0, Controls
May 20, 2009 at 7:11 PM


We are using BlogEngine.NET 1.5 on our corporate intranet.  I'm new at this and the copywriter who will be maintaining the blog posts has come to me and wants a couple more (what I assume are) textbox widgets on the side of the blog.  I looked at a couple of tutorials on creating widgets but I have a small problem.  The server where we are hosting the blogs does not have Visual Studio installed and we do not do any development on it because it is a production server, even though it is on the intranet.  What I need to know is how to create the new widgets on my local machine and then get them into my existing installation of BlogEngine.NET?  Can I do that without having to reinstall the entire application? Thanks in advance for the help.


May 20, 2009 at 8:58 PM

Hi Randy.  If you want to just add more TextBox widgets into the sidebar, when you're logged into the blog, there should be a dropdown box in the sidebar.  The dropdown list contains all the available widgets to choose from (TextBox, LinkList, Tag cloud, etc).  If you select 'TextBox' from the list and click the 'Add' button, you'll get a new TextBox widget.  You can add as many as you want.  In BE 1.5, you can drag-and-drop the widgets into the desired location.

Or did you want to create a new widget with some different functionality?

May 20, 2009 at 9:11 PM

Hi Ben,

I'm logged in as an admin but I don't see the drop down.  Is it on the left or right?  My lead web developer has tweaked the stylesheets, he may have removed it, I'm not sure.



May 20, 2009 at 9:21 PM

The dropdown list will usually be in the same sidebar area where the existing widgets are.

You might want to double check and make sure there is a widgetzone control in the site.master file of the theme you're using.  So if you're using the Standard theme, for example, check the site.master file in the themes\Standard folder.  Look for a control with syntax like this:

<blog:WidgetZone ... />

If you see that, then you should be seeing the dropdown list.  If you don't see that, you may be using an older theme that doesn't have the widgetzone in it.  It might instead be directly incorporating controls, like <blog:TagCloug> <blog:RecentPosts> etc into the site.master file.

Also, if a widgetzone is there, when logged in as an admin, in the upper-right corner of each widget (e.g. TextBox), there should be a little 'Edit' and 'X' links to edit the widget content and remove the widget.

If you are using a theme that doesn't have a widgetzone control in it, a widgetzone can be added pretty easily.  It's usually just a simple matter of adding the <blog:WidgetZone> control and some CSS classes into the style.css stylesheet in the theme's folder.  There's a little documentation on adding a widgetzone here.