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Forgetting settings in BE3.1

Jan 6, 2015 at 1:09 PM
I run a blog server with a number of blogs on it aggregated back to the primary, currently running on a Azure web site with SQL Azure backend

Ever since moving to this platform (originally on BE 2.x locally hosted now Azure and we have seen issue that settings for a given blog seem to be forgotten. You make the change it seems to save it but then is has gone when you look again latter. We have seen this for email settings as well as widgets/plugings such as the social plug in

I suspect an apppool reset/cache issue, the settings are cached but not written to disk, or are overwritten in a cache refresh.

I wonder if this is an issue only with multiple blogs? The blog ID not being set correctly. I have seen problems that the parent aggregate blog needs to be set as 'no the aggregate' if you want to access its dashboard

Has anyone else seen anything similar, got any suggestions or thought?