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Freelancers... ??

Jun 2, 2009 at 11:32 PM

Does anyone know where I can find some developers experienced with BlogEngine.Net who would be interested in doing freelance work?


My company has three very large portal type projects that need to be done and I am looking to develop them on top of  We are looking at retooling to run multiple (Managed) instances from a single installation as well as add some enhanced CMS capabilities. I need some capable developers who can jump in on the project and begin assisting immediately. Experience with developing Search Engine friendly web sites a plus but not necessary.

Here's an overview what I am looking to accomplish.

  • Port functionality of our current Vb.Net 1.1 CMS into BE Extensions / widgets.
  • Ability to create Table of contents / Detail page sections in CMS.  example
  • Port my existing photo / video gallery (based from gallery starter kit into be)  example
  • Port my existing document manager into BE, so clients can upload documents and link to them via then WYSIWYG editor
  • Do some work on the Admin panel.
  • Rewrite all query string based urls in BE so the are Spider friendly.
  • Need to create a main admin site that can install new instances of CMS . (We have large corporate clients who need to be able to set up managed franchise sites via web base admin)
  • The ability to allow main administrative site to manage features of manage sites was well as define articles / documents that are available to managed sites, using a "central repository"
  • Ability to enable comments / ratings / polls on invidual pages or even sections within a website.
  • Integrate my current events manager into BE example
  • Intergerate certain features of my current podcast portal into BE example
  • Modification of the existing Package Manager extension to allow new extensions to be added in a more controlled fashion.
  • Abililty to audit ALL levels of managed site adminstration.
  • Intregrated website usage Stats
  • Create of stand alone applications that can be installed via zip file upload by non techincal users via web form. For Example, one project requires an answers engine like trulia.
  • These features an more need to developed.


I am Looking for freelancers to work on individual peices of this project an not sure where else to find developers familiar/comfortable with BE. If interested or you can assist in pointing me in the direction where I may find developers interested, click on my profile an send me a message or post a reply here.



Jun 15, 2009 at 8:47 PM

Hello Alex,

I think that I can help you in finding the developers. Please contact me. My email is

Thank you,

Best Regards,

Sergei Gavrilyuk