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Windows Live Writer - doesnt like "Is Front Page"

Topics: Themes
Jun 18, 2009 at 7:24 PM

"WLW wont work if you have a page marked as "Is Front Page" "

Ok, ive just been trying to get Windows Live Writer to work with my BE 1.5 install and it refused to detect my theme.

To determine the cause, i put a breakpoint in my code in the global.asx file, and watched the incoming request from wlw.

What i saw was that WLW never actually requested any images or the CSS file, it just kept trying to request the default page.
(the page i ticked the "Is Front Page"  tick box)

I knew that WLW was creating a post, and i new the post wouldnt be visible on my Front Page, so i unchecked the tick box, refreshed my

browser a few times so i could see posts on my front page (http://localhost/) then fired up WLW again...

As if by magic, i could then see WLW requesting images and CSS files....

So, to conclude, if you are having problems with Windows Live Writer and BlogEngine, make sure you have no pages set as "Is Front Page"