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Published vs. Draft Posts, and modifying code

Jul 10, 2009 at 6:09 PM

NEWBIE alert :)  

I needed to show all posts - published or not (drafts) - on the main page (postview.aspx), and in the archive list (archive.aspx) if I was logged in as administrator (IsAuthenticated), otherwise I didn't want them to show up.   No problem there - I didn't mind modifying postview.aspx, but I was reluctant to modify the code behind archive.aspx, because you never know if that will be changed in the next release.   So now, when I am logged in as administrator, all posts not yet published show up with "(**DRAFT**)' after the title as a reminder that I need to finish or review them.

My question is two-fold, I guess.   1) was that the proper way to accomplish what I wanted, or is there a better way (some setting somewhere) that I'm not aware of, and 2) if this is the only way to accomplish what I wanted, can this be implimented in a future release with perhaps the ability to disable it in the administration/settings screen?  I'd rather not have to worry about a new version of archive.aspx.cs overwriting my modifcations.

Okay - it's a three-fold question ... <G> ... when you publish new releases, do you provide some sort of 'diff' file for changes?

Thanks in advance - I love this product!