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Getting runtime error only after logging in

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Jan 26, 2016 at 9:14 PM
Hi folks.

I am looking to port our current DasBlog to BlogEngine.Net (3.2).

I've installed BlogEngine 3.2 to a sub-folder of a test root application (/blog/), see

It is using its own app pool (listed in IIS Manager as 4.0, integrated mode) and I have set the permissions for the Custom and App_Data folders (full acess for NETWORK SERVICE and IIS_IISUSR identities).

I've also made sure all files do not have the read-only property set.

I can access all blog pages until I login (admin/admin). After I login I get a runtime error for all blog pages.

I'm baffled. I've re-installed all source files and have repeatedly removed and re-created the /blog/ application.

I'm really hoping I can get this up and running, this is all part of a redesign process for the whole web site (going with bootstrap responsive design).

Any help is appreciated!