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Upgrade not working properly

Feb 8, 2016 at 11:23 AM
I upgraded to 3.2 blogengine and fortunately backed up as the upgrade had too many issues.
  • No option to add pictures or files in editor
  • Standard theme has changed and does not allow you to change logo
  • Editor showing a small rectangle box not sure what for but when switching to code view it is too small to work with
  • Tag widget not working
  • Other themes that come by default with it fail to run
  • Option to not show a page in the list does not work, the page still shows on the menu
  • * This is a shame and wondered if anyone else was experiencing the same. I did an automated update from blogengine itself and had no errors during the upgrade. I am using the file system not SQL. I have rolled back but had to delete all files on the server first and upload my back up fresh.