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Adding Fonts to

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Feb 22, 2016 at 4:16 AM
I've created a theme in 3.0 everything looks great. But I've run into a problem. with the main blog content is not formatted in my font. The left side navigation and widgets all adhere to my custom CSS google font.

I took the view source generated code and dropped it into dreamweaver and the font is applied there to the main blog as I suspected, its not an issue with my CSS. Its as if blogengine is overriding my css.

I went to the post editor in the admin panel to see what fonts are available and if my fonts are registered in blogengine and I observed, there are no font lists available except for a default.

Again I know my CSS is correct because the font will render to the blog post in a regular HTML page from the generated code.

Does anyone know how to kick that override or add fonts to the post editor?